Trafalgar Yesterday

History, opulence, reputation, stability, luxury, quality. These are some of the key words that form the Trafalgar brand. Ever since its formation in 1972, the company has steadily emerged locally as one of the key players in the inspiring realm of luxury retailing.


The story of Trafalgar began by very humble means; a one-store operation operated and run by husband and wife, their goal to develop a secondary business to fuel their passion for watches and jewelry and to complement their already successful venture in real estate. Little did Yahya and Heidi Alansari ever expect their one-store operation to become their major source of income.


Through periods of many economical highs, Trafalgar was able to quickly develop a reputation of retailing and catering to the growing elite. In a country blessed with huge reserves of fossil fuels, Kuwait experienced a long period of fantastic growth. But Trafalgar’s true test came through the many tumultuous periods of local, regional, and global turmoil, unrest, and financial troughs in which the company was able to not only survive, but emerge in a stronger position.