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Last Date Tuesday, October 31, 2017
Division 1


The primary role of the Loss Prevention Manager will revolve around developing and implementing procedures for minimizing the loss of merchandise, money or company assets as much as possible, design effective methods to reduce property or financial losses for Trafalgar and improve profitability by developing and implementing security and safety programs for employees and customers.  


·         Minimizing the financial losses of a retail operation related to theft, vandalism, accident, and shoplifting. This position requires the ability to develop ways to detect safety issues and security violations and to put programs in place to prevent repeat occurrences.

 ·         Communicate effectively and work cooperatively with stores, Finance, HR and administration. Loss prevention manager must work with discretion and professionalism, and maintain confidentiality at all times.


 ·         Advising Managers on Security issues and investigating incidents stock loss and internal dishonesty. 


 ·         Training and supporting store personnel and monitoring of physical & electronic security systems. Conducting compliance audits and managing security incidents.


 ·          Investigate known or suspected internal theft, external theft, or vendor fraud. 


 ·         Conduct store audits to identify problem areas or procedural deficiencies.


 ·         Ensure all stores are sending their monthly stock count report on time.


 ·         Responsible for complete stock taking whenever needed


 ·          Identify and report merchandise or stock shortages


 ·         Inspect buildings, equipment, or access points to determine security risks.


 ·         Maintain documentation or reports on security-related incidents or investigations.


 ·         Monitor compliance with standard operating procedures for loss prevention, physical security, or risk management.


  ·         Create a reporting system


 ·        Verify proper functioning of physical security systems, such as closed-circuit televisions, alarms, sensor tag systems, or locks


Internal Focus for Loss Prevention Managers

·         The internal focus of Loss Prevention Manager includes cash handling theft, inventory control, facilities and equipment damage, security access violations, fraud, and a variety of audits of employee activities.  Effectively implementing and managing loss prevention processes and programs are essential.

External Focus for Loss Prevention Managers


Shoplifting, vandalism, counterfeiting, robbery, burglary, and store safety are the primary areas of external focus.



Receives general supervision from the General Manager





Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities


·         Excellent analytical and investigation skills

·         Investigator with a strong work ethic and the ability to organise and prioritise a very demanding workload.

·         Auditing Skills

·         Reporting Skills


Education and Experience

Bachelor's degree preferably in Loss prevention/Accounts & Finance

Work experience of eight to ten years in a similar position with a reputed Retail company in Kuwait




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