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Last Date Thursday, August 30, 2018
Division 1

Marketing Executive is responsible to assist the Marketing Manager to plan, develop and implement marketing strategies for Trafalgar in one or more specialty areas such as, but not limited to, advertising, direct mail, awards program and marketing research to ensure maximum profits.





  • Assist Marketing Manager in developing and follow-up Marketing Strategies, objectives and plans
  • Develops, plans, negotiates and supervises implementation of media contracts in coordination with the Media Executive and Marketing Manager
  • Coordinates with marketing manager in creating variant analysis for retail operations, forecast, monthly and quarterly expenses and capital allocation.
  • Oversees the production of advertising, marketing brochures, sales kits or other promotional material
  • Find new ways to eliminate marketing efforts to increase profitability.
  • Respond to enquiries from media, in coordination with marketing manager and arrange interviews with journalists, prepare and distribute news releases and make statements to the media
  • Write, edit and arrange production of newsletters, in-house magazines, brochure and flyers
  • Works with Media Executive on layouts and helps prepare sales and marketing programs
  • Manages market research activities to provide information relating to sales potentials and market conditions for s services or products
  • Evaluates consumer surveys, market conditions, competitor data and implements changes to the marketing plan as needed
  • Oversees all marketing, advertising and promotion staff, agencies and activities
  • Makes decisions with regard to products such as labeling, packaging and display
  • Coordinates and develops the marketing activities of the company over the Internet, over email and other electronic media, including on-line promotion, sales and communication
  • Write speeches, prepare visual aids and make public presentations
  • Oversees articles
  • Advise management on communication issues and strategies
  • Provides marketing recommendations
  • Carries out any other assignment that the company will find appropriate with regards to the job
  • Any other task as may be assigned and/or amended
  • Coordinate all exhibition & promotion activities with sales Manager and Brand Managers, including proper use of in-store signs advertising and promotion materials.
  • Forecast the Media plan by or not later than December 1st each year.
  • Report to marketing manager with the daily, weekly and monthly advertisement campaign as per the approved media planner.
  • Report to marketing manager the brand semi-annual and annual marketing plan and any changes might be requested in order to receive the necessary permits.
  • Report the monthly marketing expenditure per brand and underline any budget excess.




  • Receives general supervision from the Marketing Manager




Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Strong interpersonal, organization and follow-through skills.
  • Demonstrates ability to interact and cooperate with all company employees.
  • Ability to adjust priorities and manage time wisely in a fast-paced environment.
  • Able to analyze and interpret information
  • Creative
  • Excellent communication skills (written & oral)
  • Able to work independently or as part of a team.


Education and Experience

 College degree in Marketing/Business Administration  

·                    Three to five years of experience in core Marketing role

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