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Job Title Videographer
Last Date Friday, August 31, 2018
Division 2


The Videographer will develop and create visual storytelling across multiple platforms, using both photography and videography to inform, engage and entertain Trafalgar’s audiences and support the company’s communication and marketing goals.






  •  The Videographer must demonstrate a high command of video techniques through sophisticated craftsmanship.

·        Competency in videography principles from scripting through final editing and show proficiency with branding guidelines using video motion software such as Motion, and or After Effects, Premiere and Final Cut Pro in an Apple Mac environment.

·         Excellent technical knowledge of non-broadcast video equipment

·         Apple Mac editing environment knowledge and experience

·         Gather and propose ideas and topics for video

·         Initiate content production meetings for new projects

·         Assist in the content development and message strategy

·         Utilize video script writing fundamentals

·         Set and maintain a production schedule prior to shoot

·         Records material for content using professional video cameras and still cameras

·         Follows production schedule collaborating with clients for revisions as needed

·         Sets up shoot including lighting, sound and other technical details

·         Performs non-linear editing using Final Cut or Adobe Premiere software

·         Designs after effects as needed including motion graphics, layout, and animation

·         Prepare video for multi-media formats including web, and other digital distribution medium

·         Encode and archive online videos

·         Track video analytics 


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