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Last Date Wednesday, October 17, 2018
Division 1


The CRM Officer is responsible for the Customer Relationship Management strategy of the company. This involves strategic and creative development of all communications, as well as for the implementation of these initiatives to motivate customers to visit our stores and increase sales. The CRM Officer is responsible for identifying and leveraging data of the customers purchase behaviors to maximize and continually improve upon the return on investment of each consecutive initiative.



  • Manage the CRM strategy and spearhead the company's learning for the company loyalty program
  • Develop a plan for all direct marketing communications, utilizing a multitude of mediums to communicate to company guests including, but not limited to Direct Mail, Email, and SMS
  • Build and implement test strategies and analyze the results of direct mail marketing
  • Identify and create ways to utilize data to streamline various marketing efforts and company processes
  • Contribute to overall strategic planning for company as it relates to direct marketing
  • Develop vendor partners that support direct marketing initiatives to enhance company's ability to meet direct marketing goals
  • Sets-up project plans with timelines and due dates for each campaign.
  • Works with external loyalty vendors such as marketing agencies, production vendors, consultants, service bureaus, freelancers, copy writers and designers
  • Coordinates post-project analyses including on-going review of campaigns across all channels. Identifies ideas for improvement for future campaigns. Determines customer loyalty drivers
  • Works effectively with internal staff and outside vendors to implement programs and achieve goals
  • Understands customer needs, motivations and behaviors to incorporate in to retention initiatives
  • Assist Marketing Manager in the development of optimal customer contact strategy and segmentation that maximizes ROI.
  • Participates in defining optimal segmentation by tailoring marketing communication messages to the appropriate customer.



  • Receives general supervision from the IT Manager
  • Co-ordinate closely with Brand Managers and Store in-Charge



 Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities


  • At least five years experience in the development of direct marketing strategy, creative and implementation processes
  • Experience in effectively communicating with information technology resources to achieve mutual goals
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Highly Organized
  • Flexibility and creativity
  • Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office including Word, Excel & PowerPoint
  • Working knowledge of e-mail analytic applications, Customer Relationship Management software, business intelligence tools

Education and Experience



Proven track with minimum three years of experience performing similar work with a reputable company 



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