International Warranty

Sale Warranty

Refer to your product warranty status here. Have your Purchase Invoice in hand.


CHOPARD: Your Chopard product is guaranteed against manufacturing defects acknowledged by the Chopard factory, for a two years period from the date of purchase. The guarantee is only valid upon presentation of this certificate of guarantee duly filled in, signed and dated by the authorized Chopard retailer. Chopard guarantees products sold directly sold by an authorized retailer. The guarantee does not cover normal wear and tear and/or damage caused by loss, theft, improper use, accident, international or negligent handling. Neither does it cover moisture or water damage except for watches marked “water resistant”. Any alteration to the Chopard products, including the addition, removal and/or substitution of parts, by an unauthorized person will invalidate this


GUCCI: A two year warranty from the purchase date, with a valid warranty certificate. Warranty covers any fault arising from defective parts or manufacturing defect. Battery changes, damage or fault by accident , inappropriate use or negligence, damage caused by normal wear of the watch or one of its components are not covered.


VERSACE: A two year warranty from the date of purchase. An opportunity to extend the 2 year warranty to 4 years by registering on website. This warranty certificate is only valid if your watch was purchased from a VERSACE boutique or an authorized dealer and if it has been duly filled in, signed and stamped by the dealer. The warranty covers all damages occurring as a consequence of defects in material and workmanship existing at the time your VERSACE watch was sold. Warranty does not cover damages caused by accidents, improper use, reasonable wear and tear, theft or loss of watch. Also excluded from this warranty are the parts in leather, silk, wood or any other material normally subject to deterioration. Any intervention on the watch by repairers not duly authorized by Vertime SA shall not be covered by this warranty.


Service Warranty

Services and repairs are performed by specialized watchmakers, jewelers and mobile technicians. Our Watch makers , jewelers, and mobile technicians regularly upate themselves to ensure they remain at the peak of their profession.

Our watch makers and jewelers are equipped with apparatus and specific tools designed by respective brands.


        • Each watch sent to our service center is examined by a master watchmaker.

        • A series of tests is carried out and a detailed cost estimate is prepared (if needed), free of charge, sent to you before any work is done.

      • Once you have accepted the cost estimate, our master watchmakers will carry out all the necessary procedures, including the replacement of all worn or defective components they can draw from a stock of thousands of items.