Product Care

Cares required for watch and jewelry for better looks and performance.


  • o Customary Advice

    While travelling, two or more items should not be kept in the same box or pouch to avoid scratches on these items. It is expensive and difficult to polish these precious watches and jewelry, especially the gold items. White gold needs extra care for the expensive Rhodium plating. Use only the best material that is available with the authorized agents for cleaning the watch or jewelry.


o Watches:

    • • Quartz watches:

Batteries should be replaced every year. While changing the batteries, the gaskets of the watch should also be automatically replaced to ensure water resistance of the watch is intact. The moving parts inside the watch are also to be oiled. This should be done through the authorized agents who also have the authentic spare parts for the watch.

    • • Mechanical Watches:

Even a good functioning mechanical watch should be serviced at least once in two years. All the parts in the watch are to be removed cleaned, dried, and lubricated enough for good time keeping for the next two years. Only certified and qualified experts should do this job. Scratched body of stainless steel or gold could be polished for better visual appeal. The sapphire crystal glass on the watch cannot be polished and this needs may need to be replaced.


o Straps:

Metal bracelets could be cleaned or polished if necessary provided they are in good condition. Leather straps needs to be replaced if the user notices discolor of the strap due to constant contact with the water, chemicals or prolong usage. Many colors in leather straps are usually available for most of the watches.


o Water Resistance:

User should make sure that the crown and the pusher of the watch is correctly pushed back to avoid any penetration of water into other parts inside the watch. Water could also go inside the watch (spoiling the dial and other parts) if the glass and gaskets are faulty.


o Jewelry:

It is very important to keep the rings, earrings and other precious jewelries in separate pouches to avoid scratch. Loose diamonds and other precious stones should be fastened. Missing stones should also be replaced for better visual appeal.


One could clean their jewelry with a detergent inside a basket or under running water to remove the hand cream, finger prints or other deposits on the jewelry. It is also important to use the rings with proper size that will fit the finger. This will avoid scraping of the ring or even losing the ring.