Brand Relationship

Chopard, deGrisogono, Dior, Gucci, TAG Heuer, Versace, Versace Fashion, Swarovski, Salvatore Ferragamo, Aigner, Escada, Savoy, Burberry and Montegrappa have a tradition of being extraordinary brands as they are all, in their own right, charismatic about exceptional design, details (seen and unseen), and uncompromising precision and craftmanship. With each extraordinary brand, Trafalgar has formed an extraordinary relationship. They are the creators and we are their evangelists. What does that mean? It means that we genuinely believe in the quality of a product that we sell and feel compelled to create a meaningful connection between our community and our principle brands. From our advocacy is born relationships based on trust, continuous dialogue and feedback with our principles, staff and clients.


Trafalgar doesn’t just sell unique products crafted from precious metals and stones; we build authentic relationships with brands