Aigner: A German brand with an Italian Soul.

AIGNER is a spell of passion, creativity and craftsmanship. The brand chose wild horses as its symbol, as it chimed with the atmosphere, materials, and designs that defined the company, as well as the luxury of upmarket horse culture. The horseshoe became more than just a decorative symbol-it represented everything that the company believed in.

AIGNER’s vision is directed to the future while proudly looking back on a rich history. Back in the 1930s, when the Hungarian-born Etienne Aigner celebrated his first success at the Haute Couture shows in Paris, no one could have guessed it would be his first step towards establishing one of the most famous luxuries and lifestyle labels of today. That was the beginning of his success story: followed by the presentation of

his own collection in New York in the 50s – which first carried the typical A logo shaped like a horseshoe – it brought him further to Munich. It was there, that Etienne Aigner met Heiner H. Rankl, a businessman with just as much unmistakable sense of the future, as well as an appreciation for tradition. Therefore it comes as no surprise that Munich was the place of birth for the cult label AIGNER in 1965.

What persisted throughout the time is the devotion to luxury the love for the product itself and of course the internationally infamous horseshoe logo. Until today the evolution of the brand is marked by flexibility and steady expansion of its DNA in combination with fashion zeitgeist. AIGNER remains faithful to its values and principles by creating a timeless product. It embodies the clean, elegant design language of the brand like no other.

AIGNER is currently residing in 100 shops worldwide. Etienne Aigner’s life’s work – since 2008 in the hands of management CEO Sibylle Schön – is now a global luxury label, represented in more than 40 countries from Europe over Asia, Africa and the Middle East to the Duty-Free sector all the way from Munich to Shanghai.